Exchange Time

Welcome to Exchange Time!!



Welcome to Exchange Time!!

Exchange Time is a new timebank in south Birmingham and was established in September 2012.  Exchange Time is a place where members can trade their time and their services in a unique, money-free environment.

Within the timebank, for every hour you spend helping someone, you are entitled to an hour of help in return.  At Exchange Time we value everyone’s skills equally, so whatever you can offer, one of your time is worth one hour time credit, to be spent within the timebank as and when you need help.

It’s about people helping people, An hour for an hour

At exchange time we value everyone’s skills equally so whatever you can offer 1hr for of your time is worth 1hr time credit

Whether your skill is your profession, a personal hobby, or just something you’re good at – why not start making it work for you, and your community, today?!

Sign up for free, or learn more about us by viewing our FAQs or How to get involved pages, plus, keep up to date with all the Exchange Time news on our News and Photos pages

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Thank you to the W A Cadbury Trust and the Co-operative Community Fund for supporting our project.

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